The JLF Experience

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Dear Just Like Family,

Yes, you ARE! And one of my blessings, this year, has been getting to know your aides and thinking of them as family. My best wishes to you all in the next year!



Dear Just Like Family,

Our family would like to extend thanks and gratitude for the care of our mother these past few years. Your services are valuable and necessary.



Dear Just Like Family Staff,

Thank you for all of your help in caring for my mother. Your staff has been very attentive and cooperative in scheduling and adapting to her needs.

Again, my sincere thanks to you all!


Dear Just Like Family,

Our family used the services of Just Like Family for about 2 years to assist with care needed for our mother. The aide you sent was a godsend not only to our mother but to us as a family.

We know that she brought sunshine to our mother each and every day of the week with her cheery, upbeat, yet professional visit. There was never a concern of infection because of her superb nursing care and meticulous technique in caring for our mother’s needs.

In mid-February, our mother’s condition started to decline. The aide never wavered from her cheerful support and willingness to provide additional care required for wound care and assistance our mother needed with activities of daily living.

As our mother’s condition became extremely challenging in her last few weeks, the aide remained vigilant to what was needed to sustain her home care. Arlene was able to stay in her apartment with your aide’s dedication to her growing medical needs as well as support for her emotional and physical needs.

We commend your agency for having an employee as skilled as my mother’s aide was. She really went above and beyond our expectations to care for a member of our family. She truly has a heart that cares for those she serves.



Dear Just Like Family,

I am most grateful that you responded to help us last Thursday. I had no idea how far up the ladder my call for help went, but when our assigned helpers were unable to meet our needs, I called Phyllis, our Clinic Nurse, who recommended an appeal to “Just Like Family.” I did and you understood, dispatching a nurse promptly to us. The nurse graciously recognized our situation and, from the moment she entered our house, we knew she was wholly competent and caring. So, thank you very much!

Very truly yours,


To Whom It May Concern:

This is a short note of appreciation for the two nurses who gave kind and courteous care to my late mother. Both of the aides were very caring and attentive to mother’s needs during the night which was extremely helpful to me as a caregiver. It was mother’s wish to live out her life in her own home and with your organization’s help we were able to fulfill her wish. Thank you for being a part of her journey.

I often heard of Just Like Family, but wasn’t aware of all the services you offer. Your services were greatly appreciated.

Best wishes!


To the staff, nurses, and aides:

Just wanted to let you know how much our family greatly appreciated all that you did for our father. We have dealt with other agencies over the years and no one begins to compare with the folks at Just Like Family. We would highly recommend your agency to anyone in need.

Thanks again for your kind caregiving to our father!


SI & Family

Dear Just Like Family,

This letter is to thank you for all that you have done for my mother. Your company “Just Like Family” has demonstrated over and over that you are not “just a business” and that your staff were not just “doing their jobs.” Every person on your staff has truly cared for my mother’s wellbeing. The caregivers from Just Like Family were so pleasant and kind to her! It was such a blessing to me when I would walk unannounced into my mom’s home, and hear the lovely and cheerful manner in which your staff spoke to her.

You staff did much work above and beyond their “duties.” It was obvious to me that your staff was doing the “extra” things because they sincerely cared about my mother, about her quality of life, about her medical safety, and her emotional wellbeing. I would enter mom’s home to find your caregivers working hard to keep her home clean and tidy. I would notice they were doing extra tasks, such as helping my mother go through her clothing and determine what could be given to charity or kept. Sometimes I would find them clearing out some of the garbage, junk, and clutter in the home’s unused rooms and this was all a lot of hard work!

When my brother passed away, your caregivers were incredibly kind, compassionate, and helpful. Your company name “Just Like Family” was consistently reflected in their attitudes and actions during that terrible time. They were sad about his passing, and they were clearly even sadder for my mother, again, because they truly cared.

I want to send high praises to all of your caregivers and your office staff was always efficient, concerned, and professional. Your staff embodied the following characteristics: skillfulness in caregiving, sincerity, patience, knowledge of geriatric issues, respect, kindness, compassion, mindfulness, alertness, and caring. By the way, these were extended to the treatment of my brother. The words are not sufficient, but all of those who cared about my mother know what your staff did and we are grateful.

I will recommend your agency to anyone in need of skilled, professional in-home services that come with a bonus package of caring and integrity.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

Very Sincerely Yours,



This message is for all those at Just Like Family. I was thinking of some words to describe what I want to convey to you about my first experience with your service and then it came to me…it would be expressed like this…I pray and God answered!



To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is regarding Just Like Family Home Health Services. I am writing this letter of recommendation regarding the above mentioned health services. I am a physician and in my personal life, had need of assistance with care for my demented mother-in-law. Just Like Family Home Health was an excellent resource for us. Not only were they timely, they were professional and always willing to help with whatever problem arose. I have known the owners on a personal level as well and find them to be compassionate and very capable persons.


Dr. S

Dear Just Like Family,

The two PCA’s that assisted my mother did a terrific job! They were very gentle and caring – Also, I might add strong!

Thank you again,


I want to thank all the nurses who got me back on my feet. They were good, loving, kind, helpful, clean, pleasant, and very efficient with meals, dishes, cleaning, my meds, and a trip to the store and doctor. We had a lot in common and shared some good stories.

May God Bless them all to keep up the good work!

My love to all,


Dear Just Like Family,

I had a hip replacement back in October and used services from Just Like Family for a few weeks during my recuperation. I finally wanted to write and tell you how valuable your service is to people who need personal home care. I was one of those who wasn’t sick enough to qualify for insurance to pay for assistance, but not well enough to be able to do everything myself.

My husband and I were pleasantly surprised that you were able to begin services within a day of us calling for assistance. The hourly services were perfect for my needs during this time.

I received wonderful care from all of your health aides. I can highly recommend the services of Just Like Family to anyone in the area who has home care needs.

Thank you for the service you provide to people in our area who need assistance and care in their homes.



Dear Just Like Family,

When we were notified that we were approved to have a caregiver for my mother during her chemotherapy treatment, I had no idea what to expect. I hoped and prayed for someone who would be dependable and kind to my mother. My hopes and prayers were not only answered, but exceeded beyond anything I could have hoped for!

I can’t express my gratitude enough for everything that the aide did for my mother. It was easy to tell that it was more than just a job for her. Her kindness and strength, along with her charm and wit, won my mother over immediately, even though she had been resistant to the idea of having a “stranger” in her house. The aide quickly proved to be not only a friend, but truly a member of our family as well. Her devotion to, and concern for, my mother was boundless. I never had to worry about my mother’s physical or emotional well-being while I was at work.

I will never forget how grief-stricken the aide was when we had to take my mother to the hospital. When mom was sent home to live with my husband, son, and I under hospice visits, the aide was right there to pick up where she left off — showering my mom with not only care, but loving concern as well. I used to tease the aide that some mornings my mom seemed more excited to see her than me!

When we lost my sweet, brave mother, the aide was one of the first people we notified. On the evening of my mother’s memorial service, I looked up and there the aide was coming to see our family and give her condolences.

I will never forget the love and care that Kay gave to my mother during the last and most difficult months of her life. She was truly “just like family” and I can honestly say that my husband and I truly miss her! What a wonderful asset she is to your organization. If any of my friends or relatives are ever in need of a similar service, I would recommend “Just Like Family” in a heartbeat.

Thank you so much for providing this service, and thank you so much for the wonderful aide you assigned to my mother. She was truly mother’s guardian angel!