How We Benefit Your Patients

Providing the Best Care for Your Patients

Healthcare providers who treat elderly patients are sometimes hesitant to discuss home health resources when the patient’s challenges are not strictly medical. Providers may note that elderly patients are losing weight, having trouble taking medications properly, or experiencing recurring falls. Many times, the patient is in denial which makes the conversation about their long-term plan to deal with declining health all the more difficult. In situations such as these, giving a patient all of their options can empower the patient and their family to make an informed decision. Home health care is a viable option for many individuals. Just Like Family is just a phone call away and we would be happy to review a patient’s options with them.

During a free in-home assessment, Just Like Family can sit down with your patient, review their needs, and develop a personalized Plan of Care to provide each patient with the support they need to continue living independently. Offering services such as medication reminders, vitals monitoring, and assistance with all activities of daily living, we have come to find that our services are capable of meeting and exceeding most needs.

Another difficult discussion that many doctors may need to have with their patients is the need for the patient to stop driving. For many elderly individuals giving up their car keys is one of the hardest things to do, but being aware of the alternatives available to them can help to ease this transition from driver to passenger. Just Like Family is happy to assist with any transportation needs that your patients may require. Aides are frequently requested to provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, provide assistance running errands, and often accompany our clients to social outings.