COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Just Like Family is committed to the health and safety of our employees and clients.  With the ongoing concern of COVID-19, we have instructed our employees to immediately notify Just Like Family Management if they feel ill or their clients feel ill.  They are not to report to work if they experience any of the symptoms that are present with COVID-19 and are to stay home.  Just Like Family’s infectious control practices include universal precaution at all times.  With this being said, all employees of Just Like Family are also instructed to wear gloves when delivering any care to clients, wash hands frequently, wear masks if needed and to notify staff immediately if gloves are not present in the home.  We are in contact with our employees on a daily basis to monitor this situation.  If the need presents itself that a client’s appointment needs to be rescheduled Just Like Family will work with the client and their families to make sure that all parties involved are aware.

We have also sent out a memo from the CDC with prevention methods to keep themselves safe from contracting this virus.

Just Like Family is also monitoring and following all guidelines that we receive from the CDC.